A blocked drain can be a very inconvenient and messy problem. You could try to fix it yourself, but often an inexperienced person can run into more troubles than it's worth. Leave it to the experts at Nicholas Wilshire Plumbing Pty Ltd and let our dedicated team do all the messy work so you can get back to enjoying your life.

Rather than wait until something breaks, causing inconvenience and possible damage, it is best to get your plumbing systems maintained and checked on. Our experts will be able to highlight possible risks and change over old worn parts at a time that is convenient to you.

You can count on Nicholas Wilshire Plumbing Pty Ltd to ensure your plumbing system will last for many years to come.

* Do you have a leaking tap that just won't quit?

* Are your tree roots clogging up your drain?

* Is your gas heater not working?

* Have you run out of hot water?

* Are you tired of leaves blocking up your gutter?

If any of this is true or similar, you can count on Nicholas Wilshire Plumbing Pty Ltd in Toowoombato help you out with your plumbing or gas fitting needs.Let our expert team come to your home or work and assess the situation. From here they can put a solution in place to ensure you can get on with your life again. Don't hesitate to call us today.


From drain cleaning to gas fitting, we do it all in Toowoomba

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There is no good time for a plumbing emergency, and if this does occur, you are going to want swift action. Here at Nicholas Wilshire Plumbing Pty Ltd we understand this, which is why we provide an emergency service. Give us a call and you can expect prompt action every time. We will come to your home or work in Toowoomba and restore everything back to normal in no time.

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